• Our Mission: We are a dedicated company that delivers effective, efficient, and respectful services with integrity and accountability. We use proven corporate services methods, delivering outstanding value across all selected sectors, providing cutting edge technology & world-class services. Our products are delivered immediately
  • Our Vision: To become a company that is recognized by our customers as the most preferred Business Process Outsource service provider.
  • Our Goal: International BPO Services (IBS) LLC's main goal of the Mission Critical Readiness Services is to provide customers with the tools they need to verify their readiness at all levels, and then to provide the necessary delivery plans to improve them.
  • One Place For Everything: This is where International BPO Services (IBS) LLC comes... to meet the challenge and to minimize the need for customer to make additional phone calls. We believe in the “One Place for Everything"! Customers do not need to spend more time searching for services to receive the best mission critical services they need.
  • Mission Critical: Customers do not feel any longer the center of attention for their Mission Critical needs and they are having to search for a place where they know they will be taken care of.​​
  • Our Number One Goal: Equip customers for readiness at all levels and deliver strategic plans to enhance Mission Critical Readiness.
  • Veteran Operated:  We believe in disciplined leadership, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence

Meet Our Team

Cristhofer Perez

President and CEO


Cristhofer serves as a pivotal figure within the BPO organization, overseeing the comprehensive management of all call center and IT contact center services. With a solid foundation in law, Cristhofer leverages his expertise to facilitate loan consolidation and skillfully negotiate with lenders on behalf of our esteemed members, ensuring their financial needs are met with precision and care. 

Maryoli Nin

CFO Chief Financial Officer


Maryoli has two Bachelor’s degrees in Industrial Engineering and Education. She boasts a decade-long tenure as a Plant Engineer across International Manufacturing sectors. Her proficiency extends to Material and Cost Engineering, facilitating substantial cost savings for businesses. She has extensive experience in implementing Improvement Readiness initiatives for businesses.

Pamela Martinez

Director of US Marketing
& Modeling Protocol


Pamela holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Alaska Pacific University. She has amassed over 20 years of invaluable experience encompassing teaching, modeling, casework, and business marketing. Pamela also has experience instructing businesses on protocol and etiquette, leveraging her extensive experience to cultivate an effective professional environment.

CJ  Martinez Jr.

Financial Advisor 


CJ is a seasoned financial advisor with several years of experience in the finance industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge in wealth management, investment strategies, and financial planning. CJ has his financial certifications in life, home, auto, insurance, mortgages, and investments. 

Chris Martinez

MIS IT Director


Chris, a United States Army Veteran, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Alaska Pacific University. Chris has over two decades of experience in the workforce encompassing the Military, Teaching, Real Estate, Cybersecurity , Affiliate Marketing, and Business Marketing.  

International BPO Services, LLC

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